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Waking Up Safer?
by Dr Berend Mets

Published by SilverWood Books

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SilverWood Books
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ISBN: 978-1781327494
Price: US$16.99 / GB£ 11.99
Size: 210mm x 148mm
Pages: 270pp
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Leadership in Anaesthesia, Five Pioneers of the Deadly Quest for Surgical Insensibility
by Dr Berend Mets

Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Available from:
Cambridge Scholars
Foyles (UK)

ISBN: 978-1-5275-5596-9

“Drawing on his extensive experience, knowledge and ability to tell a good tale, Dr Mets takes the reader on an entertaining journey describing how anaesthesia came to be the safe and secure foundation of today’s effective and complex surgery.”

Dr Paul Clyburn, President, Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland, London, U.K.