Anesthesia - A Balance between Life & Death

Morton's Ether Inhaler

Anesthetic Vaporizer and Drugs

Lifebox Pulseoximeter

Anesthetic Machine 'Cockpit'

Dr. Berend Mets, author

Trained in England and South Africa, Dr Mets is Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.

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Immorality Act

Immorality Act takes place in Cape Town in the 1960s, when love across the colour bar is a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment.

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Waking up Safer?

Waking Up Safer? is Dr Mets’ first book and has been specifically written for the lay person to explain the much misunderstood practice of Anesthesiology.

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Leadership in Anaesthesia

A history of medicine collection which presents the biographies of five pioneering anesthetists through the lens of leadership.

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“I adore your writing style. Very engaging and lots of fun. You really do capture the wild, wild west of our young years.”

Dr Mehmet Oz, Cardiac Surgeon, Author, and “Dr Oz Show” Host. New York, U.S.A.